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Second-Hand goods



8 x 11.5 x 9.5 cm



Just like the new denim jeans are treated in a vintage rinse or patterns of fading even more blown out to present a second hand effect by wearing many times. My Second Hand Mugs share the same story too! The Mug design is quite subtle; keep the original prototype is the unchanging spirit that I insist. However, when people use the mugs, they drink with lips, hold in different ways and wash by some tools…the mugs are changed its appearances. To think about the results by the repeat behaviors, the matte glaze finish of mugs will be becoming smooth and glossy then enlarge the effect area. As the time goes by, the mugs are developed in different levels of fading. The form of the basic mug model is ambiguous by the matte glaze finish fading; these effects also make contradiction between the definition of new and old. This is a future mug, and also a second hand mug.

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